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COVID-19    We Care

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we wish to let you know that we do our best to keep safe and on schedule with our projects.  As our society begins to slowly return to normal, please note that certain factors may contribute to time frame adjustments, product availability, and other necessary processes for your satisfaction.  

Your project is important to us.  You will be given the same personal care and attention that we have provided throughout the years, and we will continue to offer the best of our services to you and our community. 

During our consultations we do wish to provide timely and accurate information and other physical materials for your enjoyment, as well as referrals from our past customers, and even interim virtual discussions with various colleagues such as our associate architects, finance professionals, or craftspeople.  Such amenities, at times, may be delayed, if necessary, due to current factors or restrictions beyond our control...but this will certainly not stop your project's ultimate wonderful completion.

We believe that by pulling together and being of help and assistance to each other during these times, that our common good will and benevolence toward each other will help us all succeed and enjoy happy and successful futures.

So let's all work together and continue making your remodeling dreams come true! 

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