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You May Be Wondering

What areas does MAYBROOK Custom Carpentry work in?

We currently serve the greater Hudson Valley area and are expanding to cover the northern New Jersey area soon!  While we appreciate all of your requests to remodel your homes, we do limit our production schedule to successfully manage only enough projects at one time so that your remodeling experience is a quick, clean, and happy one!

While we may not service every location in the Hudson Valley, we do provide our Custom Carpentry services to most residential areas.

We only remodel residential homes and structures and do not provide commercial structure construction services.

It is important to know that MAYBROOK Custom Carpentry is a full service design/build company and we do not bid plans.  Your dreams are important to us and together we can make them come true!

How is MAYBROOK Custom Carpentry different from other remodelers?

We do get asked this question frequently.  The best answer that we can give is based upon our customers' feedback.  They usually tell us that they found our complete service to be unmatched; from the initial design and consulting phase where we cover all aspects including realistic costs and time frames, to our drafting and product selecting assistance where they are able to visualize and select their ideal colors and products. 


They also appreciate that we follow reliable timelines and that their homes and lives were always clean and organized throughout the construction process.

Many of our team member's remodels have been featured in various Home Remodel featured news articles...yours may become one of those as well!

What certifications do MAYBROOK Custom Carpentry team members have?

Our General manager has served on the Board Of Directors for NARI (National Association Of The Remodeling Industry)

Our Design Project Manager has been recognized as a Qualified NARI Certified Remodeler for many years since the early 2000's and has also been a member of the NKBA.

Our associate Architects and other Professional colleagues are also highly respected in the Hudson Valley and its municipalities.  We oftentimes do bring other outside specialists on board to provide you with the best.

Can you help us finance our custom home remodel?

We most certainly can!  And the options are numerous.  From our 0% Loans, to our 6 Month NO PAYMENT loans, and from HELOCs to full Design To Remodel complete refinancing and 100% funding for major remodels, we have been helping our customers make their home remodeling dreams come true!


It is important to know that every customer and project is different and financing options need qualify.   Rates are not set by MAYBROOK Custom Carpentry and we do not underwrite any finance approvals ourselves.  We cannot quote certain rates and each customer must qualify for any and all programs to be enjoyed.

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